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The Presentation of Curleys wife in John Steinbecks novel Of Mice and Men

The Presentation of Curleys spouse in John Steinbecks epic Of Mice and Men Of Mice and Men isn't benevolent in its portrayel of ladies. Truth be told, ladies are treated with scorn over the span of the novel. Steinbeck for the most part delineates ladies as being troublemakers who welcome ruin on men and make them frantic. Curley's better half, who strolls the farm as a flirt, is by all accounts a prime case of this dangerous inclination - Curley's as of now awful temper has just intensified since their wedding. Beside wearisome spouses, 'Of Mice and Men' offers constrained, rather misanthropic, portrayals of ladies who are either dead maternal figures or whores. The way that she isn't given a name just adds to her absence of status.Despite this present Curley's better half rises as a serious mind boggling and intriguing character. At first she seems, by all accounts, to be a serious basic character as she is depicted as having 'got the eye' and being a 'tart'. Again when we see here just because unmistakably she is viewed as a risky, sexual character.The F lood (Of Mice and Men album)Her 'rouged lips', 'red nails' and 'red donkeys' stress her hazardous job. Her negative portrayal is furthur created with the unexpected cutting off of the light, hinting her job in pulverizing everybody's fantasies and Lennie's life. We are urged to despise her as she acts provocatively towards the men and carries on improperly for a male overwhelmed, farm condition. George's remark that she is 'prison trap' furthur follows that we consider her to be a risk, especially as he nearly predicts Lennie's future ensnarement. We just start to see her in more depthand feel compassion toward her when she shows her conspicuous dread for Curley when she becomes 'troubled' at the notice of him searching for her. This made me start to ponder about and that she might be something beyond a 'tart'.

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Brand Familiarity Satisfaction Evaluations

Question: Talk about the Brand Familiarity for Satisfaction Evaluations. Answer: Presentation In current pattern, every single individual is locked in with the purchasing and utilization process and those people are shoppers. The purchaser conduct can be depicted as the activities and related exercises of the clients who are engaged with purchasing and devouring the products and ventures. It incorporates both physical just as mental activities. In the straightforward words, customer conduct portrays the choices of the buyers as far as utilization, buying and demeanor of the items and administrations and the time and thought of dynamic procedure. The comprehension of the shopper conduct is useful to comprehend the different market fragments and the procedures to impact infiltration in these business sectors (Mooradian, Matzler Ring, 2012). Alongside this, it is additionally useful in examining the holes and taking care of the day by day issues of the clients in buying. The customer conduct and buyer dynamic procedure are influenced by the different number of variables. There a re some close to home impacts which influence the buying choices of the purchasers. There are inward factors which are known as close to home impacts of the clients. The components incorporate inspiration, demeanor, way of life, discernment, jobs and learning. These interior variables sway on the buying choices of the clients (Ferrell Hartline, 2011). The inward factors and impacts by and large rely on the ways of life and perspective of the clients. These are fundamentally close to home musings, self ideas, mentality, way of life, sentiments, memory and inspiration and contemplations of the clients. The inside elements can be known as mental impacts of the purchasers. These components uncover the path by which clients recognize their emotions create thoughts and convictions and take a few activities. The point of this report is to recognize the two impacts which influence the customer dynamic. Further, the point is to portray the usage of individual impacts by an organization to improve the advertising techniques (Lindgreen, 2010). The point of this report is to break down the effect of customers inward factors on their purchasing and utilization conduct towards the particular items or administrations. For the conversation, the well known organization Starbucks has taken. This report examines how Starbucks made the utilization shoppers interior powers to accomplish in the market and to accomplish high client base. To comprehend the brain status of the clients, the cheap food chain or stores are gainful to break down. The clients who request for espresso have the alternative of picking customary, enormous or additional huge. This is the comparative instance of Starbucks, the organization has presented Trenta mug of espresso which is costlier when contrasted with the ordinary espresso (Starbucks Corporation, 2017). The organization needs to comprehend different inner and outside variables while propelling this new sort of item in the market. There are numerous mental elements which are engaged with the purchaser dynamic procedure in the market for example understanding the requirements of the clients, picking different choices to fulfill those necessities, settling on official conclusion about item or administration and so on in present time, customers assemble information, devise plan, and spotlight on that before making buys for the particular item (Hajarrahmah, 2011). Along these lines, there is the need of compelling advertising messages to request and comprehend the clients who thusly will esteem and mean the item and administrations. In the event of Starbucks espresso, customers may have different conclusions having some data about the various parts of the item. These perspectives and the impression of the clients dependent on these angles, the clients choose how they will see the item. Every one of these components influence the showcasing methodology of Starbucks to advance the espresso among the shoppers (Solano Arquiza, 2009). Buyer needs Motivation The buyer needs and inspiration are between associated. The economic specialists concur that each human has some essential needs and needs transform into various needs and afterward coming about into different intentions. Every single client is extraordinary and one of a kind to one another so it is significant for the advertisers to comprehend the various needs of the clients and give fitting item and administrations dependent on their prerequisites (D'Souza, 2010). Buyer inspiration can be considered as the drive to fulfill the different needs and needs of the clients by the buying and utilization of the items. Essentially, clients are spurred by numerous things in the market. Thus, inspiration can be characterized as the determined power which affects the people to the activity. It is an objective situated conduct which depends on different hypotheses. There is the model of inspirational procedure and by following the persuasive procedure, individual can get appropriately spurred (Michael, 2013). It is comprehended that purchasing intentions push the clients towards purchasing items and merchandise in the market. The internal thought processes of the clients direct them to carry on for the specific item or administration. Inspiration is the inward endeavoring condition which can be depicted as wants, wishes, drives and needs. Customer buy any sort of undertaking dependent on certain financial or mental powers which make needs and wants and those can be fulfilled by the items offered for procurement. There are many hypothesizes of inspiration which uncover the significance of inspiration in the purchaser purchasing process. The Maslow Hierarchy of requirements is the well known hypothesis of inspiration which delineates the significance of inspiration dependent on different human needs. This hypothesis depends on different inspiration preparing works out (Hornik Giulia, 2009). Natural and Psychological needs-These necessities incorporate thirst, hunger, rest and so on these are the most fundamental needs of the human and different needs are have no significance until these requirements are not fulfilled. In the fundamental needs, food garments and safe house are generally famous. Wellbeing needs-These requirements incorporate the security from the mishaps for example money related security and family steadiness. These necessities are for social and financial security as opposed to physical wellbeing. Belongingness needs-This is the requirement for the different relations in the general public. it is loaded with clubs, family affiliations and strict associations. These requirements depend on the longing of adoration, bunch acknowledgment, alliance and distinguishing proof. Regard needs-It incorporates the high assessment of self and regard of others in the general public. Satisfaction of these requirements give the fearlessness. These requirements are essentially identified with the sentiment of value and achievement of the clients. Self-realization needs-This is considered as the most elevated level of necessities. It implies recognizing the possibilities and accomplishing them. In basic words, it is the need to accomplish greatest abilities by the people. Further, there are some more hypotheses of inspiration which clarify the significance inspiration in the purchasing procedure of the customers. Those hypotheses are intellectual hypothesis, psychoanalytic hypothesis and Gestalt hypothesis. As per these speculations, by the inspiration, clients can build up a buying conduct in the market. Inspiration is the declaration of the need which is critical to fulfill by the necessary item or administration. The degree of inspiration influences the purchasing conduct of the clients. In view of the different needs of the people, intentions happen to look for the fulfillment. Thus, inspiration is legitimately associated with the different needs and can be characterized in the different stages in the purchasing and choice procedure of the customers. The buying inspiration is useful is useful in expanding deals, and urging the clients to buy the items and administrations. Inspiration is the pivotal factor which is useful in choosing the market procedure of the particular item, for example, espresso at Starbucks. There are a few clients who are normally inspired at contrasting the costs of the items at different spots. Each individual is impacted or roused by different viewpoints. Numerous clients are roused by their family members and companions on what espresso to drink. Essentially, inspiration is considered as the intention behind the demeanor and discernment itself. For the item, for example, the Trenta mug of espresso in Starbucks, proficient showcasing procedure assumes a significant job in the buying choice procedure dependent on the inspiration and mentality of the shoppers (Stvkov et al, 2007). There are the should be need to keep moving in the commercials and limited time exercises with the appealing offers and coupons. Alongside this, purchasers can likewise be roused by offering and actualizing the rebate programs (Cadogan, 2009). These so rts of projects empower the clients to utilize the Starbucks charge card, to benefit money back on the buying and recover the prizes focuses to make further buying. By this methodology, Starbucks can persuade the clients and addition the client faithfulness for long haul premise. Clients of the Starbucks are propelled for drinking espresso on account of including worth and building up a solid by the client card administrations. Starbucks is greatly thought about the effect of the outside elements, for example, demography, culture and society. Along these lines, organization is centered around the significance of the inside elements, for example, observation, inspiration and perspectives. Starbucks is centered around addressing all the necessities and prerequisites of the clients by the compelling methodologies and extending its clients base and creation in the market. In the purchaser dynamic procedure, inspiration is the factor which helps in planning a superior method to comprehen d the conduct of the buyers in the market. Inspiration is useful for Starbucks in building up the new items and new of espresso for the clients. Persuasive Resons behind buyer decision of Starbucks There are a few reasons dependent on the hypotheses inspirations, by which shopper make buying

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12 Tips for Talking About Money With Your Spouse or Partner

12 Tips for Talking About Money With Your Spouse or Partner 12 Tips for Talking About Money With Your Spouse or Partner 12 Tips for Talking About Money With Your Spouse or PartnerTalking about money with your spouse or partner isnt easy, but these helpful bits of expert advice should help make the conversation a healthy and productive one.Maintaining a healthy marriage or long-term relationship takes a lot of work and communication. But if you and your spouse or partner aren’t talking to each about money, specifically, it could be undoing all the hard work youre doing in the other areas of your marriage.“Occasionally I’ll meet with clients and can tell that they’re on different pages financially,” said Holly Peterson, owner of  Elite Retirement Strategies in Pocatello, Idaho. “When I meet with a couple and one indicates that they are an aggressive saver and the other is laid back and doesn’t track their spending, I know immediately that they are not on the same page in multiple ways. Each person will have a completely different attitude when it comes to money and how they treat it.”If you and your spouse are unable to communicate about money, then neither of you is setting your partnership up for success. Don’t let that happen. Here are twelve pieces of advice from financial and relationship experts that can help you and your partner start a healthy, productive money conversation.1. Be honest and be open.Chad Rixse is the founder of  Far North Capital  in Anchorage Alaska. He cited “honest and open communication” as a crucial component in successful marriages and long-term relationships. “Relationships that harbor secrets or are dysfunctional on the communication end rarely, if ever, work out long-term,” he said.“Even if you and your spouse (or significant other) share different financial principles or goals, if you are able to be open and honest about your current individual financial pictures, expectations, management styles, and habits, its far easier to find common ground and align your financial lives together.”Personal finance educator Denise Myhand, founder of  The Wealth Culture, an organization dedicated to the narrowing the wealth gap for women and minorities, agreed that partners being honest and open in their communications is key to successful money conversations.“Let your partner know what is going with you financially or if you have any concerns,” she said. “Do you have debt that the partner needs to know about, maybe you have nothing saved for retirement or you dont like combining your money because you feel like you are being controlled. Whatever the issue is you have to share it to resolve it. You and your partner can not address issues if you both are not aware of them.”2. Don’t wait. Start talking now.Syble Solomon is the creator of  Money Habitudes, a personality profile and financial conversation starter game for couples. Her advice is to quit waiting and start talking about money with your partner ASAP.“Start by acknowledging to your partner that talking about money can feel awkward, but it b uilds trust and lays a stronger foundation for your relationship,” she said.Sounds scary, right? Don’t worry, Solomon offered some other helpful tips to help you ease into the conversation:“H.A.L.T.: When getting started, give yourself the advantage of a time and place where you can relax; planning a quiet evening to talk about money over coffee is much better than right after fighting about the credit card bill. Think of the acronym H.A.L.T.; dont try to have this conversation when someone is hungry, angry, lonely or tired.“Avoid numbersâ€"at least at first. There seems to be a lot of advice that tells couples that the first money conversation they should have is doing a budget or going over credit reports. Think about working up to that and first get comfortable talking about finances in more general terms.“Reminisce. An easy way to begin is to just share your memories. Remember the first time you bought something with your own money? What did you buy? How did you get th e money? A simple conversation like this proves that you can talk about money in a constructive way and lays the foundation for future conversations and understanding. Then you can talk about debt and credit scores, etc.!”3. Pull your credit reports and go through them together.  Todd Huettner is the president of  Huettner Capital, a residential mortgage bank located in Denver, CO. He recommended that you and your spouse start your financial conversation by going through your credit reports.Credit reports document your history as a borrower and contain the information used to create your credit score. Most information on these reports goes back seven years, while some information (like bankruptcies) stays on your reports for longer.You actually have three different credit reports, one each from the three major credit reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. You can request one free copy of each report annually, just visit suggested that you pull your credit reports and walk through them together looking for the following:“What are your credit scores? Similar scores can highlight common attitudes toward risk and finances including savings, borrowing, managing debt. Vastly different scores are definitely something to discuss. If you both have low scores, now is the time to look at how you can improve your finances together.“Why are any scores low? There are perfectly understandable reasons why someone may have bad credit. However, repeated mistakes can indicate something other than bad luck.“Look at prior names and name variations. Now is the time to fess up if you were previously married. It is much uglier to find out later.4. Learn your partner’s underlying values.The way your partner deals with money might completely confound you. If that’s the case, it’s safe to assume that you dont just find their behavior confounding, but extremely frustrating as well. So instead of looking at the things they do with money, take the time to figure out why they’re doing them.“When it comes to communication about money between partners, I like to take a holistic approach,” said money coach and founder of  Bountiful Money Cecilia Case. I ask my clients and their partners to both go through exercises that help them understand their underlying values. They then compare their answers.“This provides a basis for understanding what your partner is valuing when they do something with money that isnt what they would do. When they understand their partners values and motivations, it becomes easier to see that the spouse wasnt doing it to make you mad, they were doing it because it made sense to them. That can be the start for a supportive and understanding give and take between loving partners.”Certified Financial Education Instructor Kassandra Dasent  likewise stressed the importance  of “how each persons experience with money in the past has shaped their understanding and interaction w ith it in the present.”“Through open, honest and non-judgmental communication, couples will be able to make financial decisions that meet their needs, address some of their wants and overall improve their quality of life,” she said.5. Decide on one common financial goal.  They say that opposites attract. And they’re often right. This is just as true for money as it is anything elseâ€"maybe even more so. The odds are good that you and your partner have very different approaches to money and financial issues.That’s why Holly Peterson suggests you and your partner pick one common financial goal and work towards it, “whether it’s creating a budget, getting credit card spending under control or pledging to put a portion of your income towards retirement.”“It’s also important to be on the same page for overall goals,” she added. “You both probably want to retire by a certain age, now you need to work together to figure out how to make that a reality. Have regular c heck-ins with each other for support and accountability.”Additionally, focusing on one financial goal will also help you and your spouse from biting off more than you can chew!6. Make regular appointments to talk.Dasent recommended that couples in a marriage or a committed relationship set aside time regularly to talk about finances. She also specified that these sessions should be held on  a minimum  monthly basis.“Regardless if one partner is responsible for the day to day financial decisions, it is important that both partners know what their money is being spent on and how that may be affecting the progress of their financial and life goals,” she said.“Expect to talk about money in casual spontaneous times but also in scheduled and routine times,” offered Carrie Krawiec, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at  Birmingham Maple Clinic in Troy, MI. “Monitor your body for signs of getting overwhelmed or frustrated and plan to take breaks, limit time, or reschedule if either person gets too heated.“If you must take a break or quit early,” she added, “make a concerted effort to return as avoiding only makes it harder to come back and makes it more difficult as a couple to resolve money problems.”7. Dont make it personal.A marriage is a very personal thing, but talking about how money works in your relationship is going to require a bit more detachment. Otherwise, the conversation could go off the rails fast.“When discussing past mistakes or current debt, dont make it personal, just remain objective,” said Rixse. “Ultimately, your goal is to move forward in harmony and work towards mutual goals that will benefit not only each of you individually but your marriage as well.“If objectivity is difficult to obtain, bring a third-party in like a financial planner or trusted family member that can remove any negative emotions that might be wrapped up in the conversations together and help you see each others side in a healthy way.”8. Be proactive.Are things going okay between you and your spouse right now money-wise? Great. That means this is the perfect time to start talking about finances.“Be proactive,” said Myhand. “Discuss your finances regularly and be planful. Don’t wait for something to come up to discuss what you are going to do.“Waiting till something happens can create extra financial and emotional stress that can be a burden on your relationship.  Setting financial goals and budgeting regularly will help you be proactive and keeps everyone on the same page.”9. Learn healthy problem-solving skills.Identifying a problem is step one. Step two is actually fixing it. The more tools and positive problem-solving skills you have at your disposal, the better.“Create a goal, Brainstorm objectives for reaching the goal, choose a handful of objectives that make sense,” said Krawiec. Rough out a plan saying who will do what and then meet weekly to track progress and troubleshoot as necessary.”S he also offered the following guidelines for healthy problem-solving:“A goal should be positive and future-focused so not ‘Spend less’ but rather ‘Put 20 percent of income in savings each month.’“When brainstorming each idea should not be judged. Then cross off ideas that don’t work. Choose a few you are willing and able to do.“Don’t expect 100 percent success.“Meet weekly to congratulate successes and rework problem areas.”10. Practice positive reinforcement.When you’re part of a couple, you divide the chores and other household duties. Money is no different. One person is going to end up being responsible for the couple’s finances. That’s no small job, and it’s on the other partner to give them positive reinforcement.“Give frequent gratitude and praise to the person responsible for managing the household finances,” said Krawiec, adding that, “Happy marriages have five positive interactions for each one negative.“If you are the person responsib le for money give specific directions of your expectations and frequent positive feedback for cooperation. If you are the person who is not the household accountant give thanks that this important job function is done for you.”More than simply offering positive reinforcement, Krawiec laid out how you can avoid negative behaviors and modes of communication:“Avoid criticism (character attacks; “you are so stingy” or “you think money grows on trees” and stick to factual complaints “I dislike when you spend cash on out to eat meals when you can pack a lunch or eat at home.” )“Avoid defensiveness (cross-complaining, rebutting, denying). Avoid contempt (which is eye-rolling, sneering, sarcasm, name-calling) and lastly, avoid stonewalling which is shutting down.“These are John Gottman’s 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse or 4 behavior characteristic of marriages that end in divorce,” she added.11. Choose success over shame.Do you and/or your spouse have trouble maintainin g positive financial behaviors over a longer period of time? Youre not alone. Here’s Huettner’s description of what he calls the “Financial Shame Cycle”:“Paying your bills on time, spending wisely, saving money are all things people could tell you are good financial habits just like eating right, exercising regularly, and getting lots of sleep are good health habits. Then why are they so hard to do?“The Financial Shame Cycle is something I created to explain why personal finance can be so difficult for many people even though we “know” the basics.“Shame is different because we do not feel we simply made a mistake. With shame we feel we are bad inherently and ‘just aren’t good with money.’“The stages in the cycle are:“We don’t know what to do/how to start so we don’t do anything.“We know what to do, but we don’t have a plan that we feel will succeed, so we don’t start.“We don’t see progress/success so we reinforce our belief that we are not g ood and start back at one.”“If you or your significant other experiences these feelings, you need to do a little more work,” said Huettner. Luckily, he also offered the steps that a couple can take to exit the “Financial Shame Cycle” and enter the “Financial Success Cycle” instead:“It all begins with the acceptance that we are not the only ones who have these struggles and we just need to get learn to handle our finances. The steps for Huettners Financial Success Cycle include:“Information: get help and informed on where you are financially.“Confidence: create a plan to achieve your goal.“Progress: create small steps to take to see your successes.“Communication is a key part of building a strong relationship and financial conversations are no different. You will have this conversation at some point; either now to start your relationship or far too late when it is ending. There is too much at stake to wait,” said Huettner.12. See how one CFP talks to their s pouse.Getting your finances together can seem like a pretty daunting task. And it’s certainly going to take some hard workâ€"from both you and your spouse. The other 11 tips contained in this article can help you out, but it’s always nice to see healthy financial practices in action.That’s why we’ll leave with you with this snapshot from Certified Financial Planner Krista A. Cavalieri, owner of  Evolve Capital, of how she and her husband talk to each other about money:“My husband and I have a pretty decent baseline of healthy communication which is key to any conversation but especially so when it comes to money because as we all know, money is a very sensitive topic.“We do not have formal monthly or weekly meetings, which are sometimes needed depending on the couple. We have a very open line of communication and both log into our budgeting tool quite often to ensure things are moving along. We casually chat about money about once a week often in relation to going to din ner or a possible weekend trip. These conversations help us reconnect and confirm that we are on the same page about the overall goal of our money.“We often clear out of the ordinary purchases with one another. While it used to be of a certain dollar amount (about $100) we have found that because of the Amazon prime and the good old add on items, we talk about purchase more frequently.“We also discuss activities for the children and try to come to a common ground on what activities we feel are worth spending money on and when. Such as gymnastics for our middle child, we both agree it might be better to wait until she can do it without needing a parent.“While we havent settled on a date for retirement we talk about it in theory, such as if we might relocate and also to confirm with one another that we would like to travel.”Talking to your spouse about money isn’t something you can do in a one-time-only session; it’s a conversation you two will be having for the rest of yo ur lives. If you want some financial topics to help carry you through the decades, check out these related posts and articles from OppLoans:The (Comprehensive) Couple’s Guide To Budgeting8 Good Habits to Get Your Financesâ€"and Your Lifeâ€"on TrackFrom Budget to Baller: 6 Tips to Grow Your Money8 Ways To Save Money Today, Tomorrow and Every Day AfterHow do you handle money issues with your partner?  We want to hear from you! You can find us  on  Facebook  and  Twitter.Visit OppLoans on  YouTube  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  LinkedIN  |  InstagramContributorsCecilia Case is a Money Coach and founder of  Bountiful Money. Money intertwines with nearly every aspect of our lives, and its power can make it an intimidating problem to fix. Cecilia uses a direct but gentle method of exploring your past, understanding your values and goals, and helping you find your own path to money health and success. You can heal your relationship with money, and find peace and prosperity in your personal finances!Krista Cavalieri  started Evolve Capital  when she realized there was no way for young people (like her) to get good financial advice tailored to them. Not one size fits all financial products or minimums they can’t reach. Just because they are young doesn’t mean they should be ignored. Krista  has been in financial planning since 2010 and prior to that traded foreign exchange with UBS after graduating from The Ohio State University. She also holds the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING designation.Kassandra  Dasent (@kassandradasent) is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, certified credit analyst, and personal finance expert. Minding Your Money is what  Kassandra  Dasent  specializes in.  Focusing on how the emotional quotient can have a direct and lasting impact on ones relationship with money, she successfully communicates to her audiences practical ways on how to improve their financial circumstances. To learn more, visit recognized real es tate and personal finance expert with over twenty years of experience,  Todd  Huettner  is frequently quoted in the business press including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Credit Karma, and He is President of  Huettner  Capital (@HuettnerCapital), a residential mortgage bank located in Denver, CO.   In addition to earning an economics degree and an M.B.A.,  Todd  has held his real estate license in multiple states and been an underwriter, financial analyst, and consultant.Carrie  Krawiec  (@CarrieJKLMFT) is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist at Birmingham Maple Clinic in Troy, MI.  Carrie  provides individual, couple and family therapy with interest areas  including a variety of relationship issues such as adult family conflict, family business  conflict,  family conflicts between parents and teens, relationship and marriage counseling,  peer relationships, communication, and emotional regulation.  Carrie  has specific training in Parent Management Training-Oreg on (PMT-O Specialist); a behavior management technique for parents to utilize with children to prevent and reduce behavior issues in children age 7 to 17.Denise Myhand is a personal finance advocate who is passionate about people, life, knowledge and new experiences. She is the founder of The Wealth Culture, an organization dedicated to the narrowing the wealth gap for women and minorities where they advocate four core principles: budgeting, debt repayment, generational wealth, socializing financial responsibility and empowerment. In addition to the Wealth Culture,  Denise  has recently completed her first ebook: The Debt Slay Guide An autobiographical and instructional guide to paying off debt.Holly Peterson is the owner of  Elite Retirement Strategies in Twin Falls, Idaho.Chad Rixse was born and raised in  Anchorage, Alaska until the age of 18. He then spent the next 11 years in Seattle where he graduated from the University of Washington and got his start in the financial servic es industry. Chad  has since moved back to Anchorage to found Far North Capital  (@farnorthcapital) and continue pursuing his lifelong passion for helping others. He finds the  positive difference hes able to make in peoples lives the most rewarding aspect of his work. Outside of work,  Chad  loves enjoying  all that Alaska has to offer. In the summer, he loves to camp, hike, fish, and golf. In the winter, he downhill skis and gets to the rock gym a few times per week.  Chad  is also active in the Anchorage Chamber of Commerces Young Professionals Group.The creator of  Money Habitudes (@moneyhabitudes), Syble Solomon, is an educator and coach who specializes in the psychology of money. Since 1995, she has been an executive coach and adjunct faculty member with the Center for Creative Leadership. She was a doctoral fellow at University of Pittsburgh, received her Masters in Education at George Washington University and her B.A. in Economics with a minor in psychology from Rutgers Uni versity beginning her career as a Peace Corps volunteer, teaching in the Philippines.

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Achieving Success With The Arts - 3446 Words

Achieving Success with the Arts Sabrina M. Gemmer Professor Bernard Jefferson Community Technical College The Arts and Us Different forms of art have been around since the beginning of time. Art, comes from a cultures specific way of life that has been passed down from generations. Art helps mold people into creative individuals. It helps people stand out, be their own person, and increase their imagination. Art surrounds us from the time we are young children to adults. As a young child, the song your parent may use to sing you to sleep is a form of an art. The building blocks you played with in kindergarten are a form of art. The dance you preformed for your cheerleading squad in high school is an art. Art helps us learn†¦show more content†¦The art programs contribute towards helping a student learn more successfully in the classroom and prepare them for adulthood. Without these programs children will not receive the full artistic and creative experience that will help them succeed as adults. Art education should be kept in schools because they benefit students in an academic setting, teachi ng then study patterns, helping promote creativity and growing into successful adults. Not Making the Cut Art Education Programs may not bring in enough money to help provide the programs with new supplies and equipment. Even though there may be a shortage of money, the students should be able to vote which program goes. The shortage of money made by art programs may have caused schools to become annoyed with having to pay for new equipment yearly. Many schools believe that by cutting arts programs money could be used for something else more important. An art show may cost $3 to attend and only 10 people may show up. A sports event may cost $3 to attend, but more than half the school attends, including parents, sports fans and coaches. In an online article, Arsenault (2009) concludes that It s fair to generalize that athletics last longer. They are universally recognized as representative of the school and generate revenue. We have had schools that have totally cut athletic programs, although those tend to be the last things on the chopping block because of sports

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Affirmative Action Curbed in California Essay - 980 Words

LOS ANGELES, JUNE 1 – California Gov. Pete Wilson (R), vowing to lead a growing conservative movement to end three decades of racial and gender preferences as an antidote to discrimination, today signed an executive order abolishing a wide range of affirmative action programs affecting hiring and contracting in state agencies. Wilson, who is seeking the Republican presidential nomination, eliminated or sharply cut back scores of affirmative action policies or programs that are not mandated by state or federal laws or that exceed those laws. He also abolished 118 boards and commissions created to advise state agencies on ethnic and gender diversity issues. Although he has no direct authority to order policy changes for public†¦show more content†¦By itself, it doesnt complete the change we must make. Special preferences remain embedded in state and federal law. I vow to fight for changes in those laws,quot; Wilson said. Sean Walsh, the governors press secretary, said Wilson is the first governor to roll back affirmative action programs. He said the order would affect all of the states approximately 150,000 full-time job positions. According to the California State Employees Association, about 60 percent of the state government work force is white, 16 percent Hispanic, 12 percent black, 6 percent are Asian and the remaining 6 percent from other groups. Wilsons action appeared designed to capitalize on public dissatisfaction with minority preference programs and on a backlash against what is characterized as quot;reverse discrimination,quot; while at the same time setting him apart from the eight other contenders for the GOP presidential nomination, none of whom are sitting governors. It comes a day after senior White House officials said President Clinton is still weeks or even months away from completing a review he has ordered of federal affirmative action programs. Wilson already had announced his support of a proposed 1996 state ballot initiative that would go further than todays order by abolishing affirmative action in all state hiring, contracting and university admissions practices. At least six other states –Show MoreRelatedEssay about History: World War I and Bold Experiments7600 Words   |  31 Pageswho became part of the war effort Broward Practice Questions F 127 13. The battle in the Senate over the Treaty of Versailles centered around Article x, which was (a) a section of the league of Nations’ covenant that called for military action (b) a plan for reparation payments (c) a proposal for the creation of new nations in Europe and the Middle East (d) an international army (e) a new map of Europe 14. A major impact of advertising and mass media in the 1920s and later was the (a) standardizationRead MoreStrategy Safari by Mintzberg71628 Words   |  287 Pagesdifferent schools about it) requires a number of definitions, five in particular (based on Mintzberg, 1987). Ask someone to define strategy and you will likely be told that strategy is a plan, or something equivalent—a direction, a guide or course of action into the future, a path to get from here to there. Then ask that person to describe the strategy that his or her own organization or that of a competitor actually pursued over the past five years—not what they inte nded to do but what they really did

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Love and Marriage in Renaissance Literature - 1228 Words

In medieval Europe, the troubadours (poets of the southern part of France), like Guilhem IX, or Cercamon, first began to write poems about humble men falling in love with women who were admirer and adored by their lovers. Furthermore, intense love between men and women became a central subject in European literature, like between Tristan and Iseult, Lancelot and Guinevere, or Aeneas and Dido. But it was not question of marriage. Actually, marriage and love did not match very well together but then Renaissance literature developed the concepts of love and marriage and recorded the evolution of the relation between them. In the Renaissance poetry, Donne, in The Good Morrow, celebrate love and sexuality in marriage. However, the aspects of†¦show more content†¦In Shakespeare s play entitled A Midsummer Nights Dream, in the couples, the mates were chosen on their own will. Theseus, at the beginning of the play, is talking with his wife, Hippolyta, about their upcoming marriage. He so, demonstrates that the marriage was not a forced duty but that he wants it and even Hippolyta shows her happiness to marry him. Shakespeare went against societal norms and showed love as the only desire of a couple. And this began his central and favourite theme: the lovers who cannot be together because that goes against their families will. Besides, the societal norms of the marriage were quite strict in regard to the church. Indeed, before a couple could officially be considered married by the church and common law, there were four basic requirements. First, the bride s family had to consent and a dowry had to be offered. Second, both parties had to be of equal social class. The third requirement was for the parties to publicly declare the wedding and to have witnesses. Finally, the couple had to consummate the marriage. In Shakespeare s Measure for Measure, Claudio and Juliet are, thus married by common law standards -- however, their marriage was secret and so, not consi dered as a legal marriage. Actually, it was very important that the marriage was witnessed. And in this play,Show MoreRelatedLove and Marriage in Renaissance Literature Essay973 Words   |  4 PagesLove and Marriage in Renaissance Literature In medieval Europe, the troubadours (poets of the southern part of France), like Guilhem IX, or Cercamon, first began to write poems about humble men falling in love with women who were admirer and adored by their lovers. Furthermore, intense love between men and women became a central subject in European literature, like between Tristan and Iseult, Lancelot and Guinevere, or Aeneas and Dido. But it was not question of marriageRead MoreThe Reflection of Life During the Renaissance in Literature1601 Words   |  7 PagesLife in the Renaissance has been greatly reflected through the literature of its time. Many authors from this time reflected life in the Renaissance through their works. Several authors who strongly demonstrated this reflection include William Shakespeare, Thomas Elyot, Christopher Marlowe, Walter Raleigh, and Christine de Pizan. They accomplished this by producing various literary works, such as Hamlet, â€Å"The Passionate Shepherd to His Love,† â€Å"The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd,† Le Livre de laRead MoreEssay on Attitudes Toward Love in French literature838 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout the centuries, literature has provided a way to express oneself, while at the same time, allowing the reader to experience a different kind of life through the stories. As a creation of humans, literature tends to reflect the ideals and though ts of its writer, while also providing a glimpse into the society, in which the writer penned the story. Perhaps one of the greatest and most intriguing human emotions is love and this theme is present in literature from its beginning to the presentRead MoreClass And Social Structures During The Medieval Period993 Words   |  4 PagesClass and social structures changed frequently throughout the medieval period, the renaissance, and the eighteenth century, and this change caused much anxiety in preserving the noble class. During the medieval period, the three classes were challenged by the emergence of the merchant class which rose to the same level as the nobles during the renaissance. Finally, in the eighteenth century, this noble class was pushed out of power and then returned, throwing the class into turmoil. These changesRead MoreHarlem Renaissance Essay1106 Words   |  5 PagesCollege in 1917 where she began her literary career. Hurston was closely associated with the Harle m Renaissance being one of the pre-eminent writers on the twentieth century in African American literature. Her famous novel â€Å"Their Eyes Were Watching God† was especially influential to the movement on racial equality at the time. Her Novel both reflects and departs from the ideas on the Harlem Renaissance in several ways. In order to understand the significance of Author Zora Neale Hurston’s novel â€Å"TheirRead More Comparing Love and Marriage in Canterbury Tales, Lanval, Faerie Queene, and Monsieurs Departure675 Words   |  3 PagesLove and Marriage in Canterbury Tales, Lanval, Faerie Queene, and Monsieurs Departure Medieval and Renaissance literature develops the concepts of love and marriage and records the evolution of the relation between them. In Chaucers Canterbury Tales, Christian love clashes with courtly love, as men and women grapple with such issues as which partner should rule in marriage, the proper, acceptable role of sex in marriage, and the importance of love as a basis for a successful marriage. WorksRead MoreThe Harlem Renaissance1317 Words   |  6 Pagesis the Harlem Renaissance. The Harlem Renaissance is the cultural movement of the 1920’s. The movement essentially kindled a new black cultural identity through art, literature and intellect. The Harlem Renaissance started during the Roaring Twenties. It took place in Harlem, New York. It became most prominent in the mid to late 1920’s and it diminished toward the early 1930’s (Henderson). The Harlem Renaissance was initially called the New Negro Movement or the New Negro Renaissance. It was the resultRead MoreGender Equality During the Renaissance Essay1198 Words   |  5 PagesThe Renaissance was simply â€Å"the green end of one of civilizations hardest winters† (Robert 10). In other words, catastrophic events swept through Europe such as the black plague, warfare, and starvation causing a high population of death rates. After an era of destitution, the Renaissance was a period of â€Å"rebirth† where individuals could express their intellectual thought through art, science, literature, and education. It’s true that people during that time express humanist ideals of individualRead MoreThe Essay Of Groom Service And The Return 803 Wo rds   |  4 Pagesare two short story which have the common theme of â€Å"love† and the common situation of â€Å" the marriage†. Although the two stories have common themes and situation related to acceptance, acknowledgement, and recognition, the difference between the two story influence the meaning a lot. The common theme of story is â€Å"love†. The protagonist in â€Å"Groom Service†, Bernard, had the ability to survive with his hunting skill, but did not dare to seek his own love. He seeks acceptance from Marie and her family. OnRead MoreDifferences Of Shakespeare And Much Ado About Nothing By William Shakespeare1668 Words   |  7 PagesShakespeare is regarded as a very influential writer in British literature and has been an inspiration for literature beyond his time. This play has been recreated for the cinema in many versions of film. One version of film in particular is by the director Kenneth Branagh in 1993 (IMDb). Both the Much Ado About Nothing play and the Much Ado About Nothing film have differences, updates, and similarities that relates back to Renaissance time or to current 21st century culture. The original text that

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The Veldt by Ray Bradbury Veldt Essay Example For Students

The Veldt by Ray Bradbury Veldt Essay The Veldt by Ray Bradbury The story of The Veldt, is a delving into the issue of how modern technology can destroy the nuclear family. The editor of the Encounters book, John A. Rothermich comments that This story is almost devoid of characterization., I agree with this statement and think it is key to the plot of the story. The story begins with the mother of the family, who has quite a generic name. We are given no information of the characters background and how they came to the point in time they are now. The lines Happylife Home and the familiar room settings like the parents bedroom and the nursery give you a sense that this is a typical suburban home of the time. The mother seems alarmed or confused about something, the nursery is different now than it was, this at first might lead you to believe the mother has true individual characteristics. However, when you read on, you see the stereotyped reactions to every situation that comes about, the parents then say nothings too good for our children. Later in the story the parents discuss the problems of the incredible house and nursery, The house is wife, mother, and nursemaid, Can I compete with it?, and the father has a generic answer But I thought thats why we bought this house. The parents in the story look upon their childrens needs as services instead of ways of expressing any love or care. In the story we never learn anything about the children except for their obsession with the nursery, I dont want to do anything but look and listen and smell; what else is there to do?. When the parents tell the children the idea of shutting down the computerized house for a vacation, the children react shocked and stay with their one, single characteristic given, they act shocked Who will fry my eggs for me, or darn my socks?. You see then the childrens primary relationship is to the house and not the parents, the children exclaim I wish you were dead!. And sure enough, by the end of the story the children act on their on characteristic. This short story was published in the early 1950s, Using a major issue of the time. Ray Bradbury was trying to make a specific point about the dangers of the new directions of our society, Television was becoming a baby sitter to children in many homes. Busy parents were replacing their own affection and time for their children, with the goggle box. The story concentrates on how this relationship can eventually destroy the family, even in a future society. In order to do this, Mr. Bradbury concentrates on his point and reduces the characters into universal generic people.